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ECDIS simulator

ECDIS simulator has been designed to meet the growing need for professional training of ECDIS operators.

The ECDIS simulator is designed to training of professional skippers in the following programs:

  • Using the Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)
  • Use of electronic navigation systems display map information.
ECDIS simulator

The basic functionality of ECDIS simulator

  • automatically download and display electronic vector and raster maps format S-57 of any manufacturer;
  • receiving data from AIS;
  • work with several routes;
  • the use of electronic lines for measuring distances and bearings;
  • route planning;
  • calculation of the velocity of the route and others.

The simulator consists of a workplace instructor and from up 1 to 32 working places for trainees.

NTUTC ECDIS Simulator is based on the сharts: NavCom Voyager (Navmarine), NAVMASTER (PC Maritaime)

ECDIS simulator can be supplied in various configurations, from the computer programs suitable for shipboard training to the full mission simulators. Configurations may vary to suit individual or group simulator training and the needs for monitoring from the instructor station. The simulator ensures the efficient training, fully compliant with the IMO and STCW requirements.

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