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Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (L.C.H.S)

Innovative Concept
Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, especially designed for maritime schools, that not only meets the requirements of STCW 95 Convention, but that also trains crew members using the same control consoles and interface that they will use in the day-to-day cargo operation of the real ships (Chemical, LNG and Crude tankers)

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S) Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S)
And a pict/lchs Cargo Calculator that is able to obtain the following parameters of stability, tanks, hull strength and ship loading:

  1. Displacement
  2. Draughts
  3. List
  4. Trim
  5. KG
  6. GM
  7. IMO criteria on dynamic and static stability
  8. Bending Moments and Shearing forces Distribution.

Product Description
Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S)The simulator has two main capabilities connected together:
A pict/lchs Cargo Simulator that allows simulation of all the systems of the Loading-Unloading operations:

  1. Load/Unload
  2. Ballast/Deballast
  3. Boil Off
  4. Ballast voyage
  5. Load voyage
  6. Cooling of tanks and lines
  7. Forced Vaporization
  8. Pre dry dock
  9. Post dry dock
  10. Inert Gas
  11. COW


Chemical tanker: Cargo Status Screen Pedagogical Model
The pict/lchs Cargo Simulator based on the operation manuals of current ships and includes all the adaptations and modifications from the real day to day operations that captains and officials have considered helpful. The simulator has been developed and tested with close control from real crews to obtain a maximum reality and usefulness.
 Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S)
The pict/lchs Cargo Calculator has been designed with the construction data obtained directly from the Shipyards
This innovative approach ensures a high standard of training and qualification.
The inclusion of this calculator is due to the STCW 95 recommendations (1/12 and 40 - 2,3)
Simulator includes Auto-training and Auto-test modes, a record of the sessions, a control of the performance and use. It also provides student with regular feedback.
The simulator includes a process accelerator that allows a reduction of the training time, without affecting physical realism.
Part of the process of learning is making mistakes and analyzing outcomes, this is why Simulator includes a system of monitoring and evaluation that allows recording the type of operation, the visualization of mistakes, the pending steps and time of execution. It also includes an alarm system and the possibility of building scenarios and errors.

Advantages of flexible software
The pict/lchs simulator is software that can be easily installed in a PC or on a laptop, so that the training sessions can be conducted without any additional training components but it can also be networked to other simulators and to an instructor console to teach the courses. The software works on windows operative systems
Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S)

The flexible concept of software allows the inclusion of any upgrade, the customization of the simulation of any special operations or new equipments and the adaptation to new regulation requirements


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