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Navigation training complex (radar / ARPA / ECDIS) in Vladivistok


Scientific and technical simulator training centre (Russia,Kaliningrad) installed navigation training complex (radar / ARPA / ECDIS) "Marlot - D" in Institute for Communication, Vladivostok (Russia)

Training complex of:

  • 1 instructor's workplace;
  • 8 operator's workplace

Simulator will train professional skippers in accordance with national and international requirements for the following programs:

  • Radar Observation and Plotting
  • Use of automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA)
  • Using electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
  • Radar Observation and Plotting and use of automatic radar plotting
  • Ship Handling and Maneuvering
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Using shipboard radar on inland waterways
  • Using the display electronic navigation map information on Inland Waterways


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