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Marine simulators for professional training

NTUTC develops, produces and installs high-class marine simulators to provide efficient professional training. We are manufacturers of marine simulators since 1971 and have accumulated great experience! Our simulators are designed according to the IMO resolutions and provides training in accordance with STCW 95.

NTUTC has installed over 300 marine simulators for state and commercial organisations.


Navigation simulators from NTUTC allow to train of watch officers, chief officers, captains and pilots serving on all direction, including: radar observation and plotting, automatic radar plotting aids , electronic charting, manoeuvring and ships control... >>> more info

marine navigation simulator marine navigation simulator marine navigation simulator


GMDSS simulators are designed for training and examining ship radio specialists and sea navigators for a General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC)... >>>more info

GMDSS simulator GMDSS simulator GMDSS simulator


Engine Room Simulators are designed for education and training of engine personnel (second and chief engineers and ratings on the engineering watch, officers in charge of watches ). ... >>>more info

Engine Room Simulator Engine Room Simulator Engine Room Simulator

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